Philip Cadien – Owner of Balaclava Jewellers: Growing up in the namesake town of Balaclava, Jamaica, young Philip Cadien took an interest in the goldsmith’s trade. He was offered a scholarship to the prestigious Pforzheim Goldschmiedeschule in Germany, where he studied the fine art of jewellery design and jewellery making. Philip spent many years in Europe perfecting his craft as a goldsmith before returning to the Caribbean where he set up his first jewellery workshop. In 1992 Philip Cadien and his late wife Martina opened the Balaclava Jewellers Showroom in Grand Cayman.

The Collection: Balaclava Jewellers are renowned for their unique collection. Many of their precious jewellery pieces are rarely found elsewhere in the world and some of their most stunning creations are specially made for them. The workshop is where the magic happens. Metal and stone are married making creations that will last forever. From the beginning with a rough diamond, its various forms of cutting and choosing the perfect design, each and every piece of the sublime Balaclava collection is meticulously finished and beautiful to behold.

Philip Cadien: “Our jewellery reflects the contemporary and the classic. Our collection consists of timeless pieces that are in step with fashion to enhance the unique style of each woman who wears them.“ 

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