Welcome to the precious world of Balaclava Jewellers...

Unique Collection
Balaclava Jewellers are renowned for their exceptional collection. Find everything here – from a delicate string of pearls, like a whisper around your neck, to a spectacular diamond necklace – from a timeless engagement ring, to a fabulous assortment of hand selected coloured gemstones.

Magnificent Diamonds
One of nature’s greatest treasures, whether the purest of white or fancy coloured, diamonds of all shapes and sizes are stunningly beautiful. Handed down through generations, perfect for all celebrations and moments that matter. Let these one-of-a-kind stones dazzle your eyes and bring sparkle to your life forever.

Seductive Precious Metals
Whether you prefer the look and feel of platinum – the rarest and most eternal of all precious metals – or whether you cherish fine yellow, white or rose gold, each exquisite metal has its own individual hue and its unique character. You just need to discover the one that captivates and suits you the most.

Mysterious South Sea Pearls
A gift from the seas. Only in the oceans of the South Pacific do pearls grow in such lustrous colours and sizes. Perfect in their natural state, they need no further cutting nor polishing. Jewellers have adorned their works of art for centuries with these mesmerizing miracles of nature.